Leveraging our in-house machining and welding capabilities, mechanical experience, decades of industry knowledge, and reputable network of vendors for OEM parts and outside processes such as sandblasting, our team is able to rebuild and modify a variety of equipment.


Municipalities, Construction Firms and Contractors

    We are regularly called upon to repair and modify equipment such as:

  • Snow plow wings and mounting harnesses
  • Augers and chutes
  • Graders
  • Sanders
  • Excavator buckets and arms
  • Truck boxes and tailgates
  • Dump boxes
  • Loading ramps
  • Trailers
  • Fuel tanks
  • ... and more


    With many long-standing clients in the mining industry, we regularly recondition and restore a variety of small, underground equipment such as:

  • Winches (Tuggers)
  • Slushers and scrapers
  • Mucking machines
  • Locomotives
  • Ore cars


    As an authorized Rotobec repair center, we service several sizes and models of loader grapple attachments that are used in the forestry industry.  Using official OEM components, we are able to quickly restore units back to spec – or customize and enhance them to suit the customer’s unique working environment.