With highly-skilled staff operating a variety of conventional and CNC equipment, we are capable of machining jobs both large and small.

Our CNC lathes give us the ability to tackle multi-part orders, while our CNC mills allow us to produce intricate parts for a variety of specialized applications.  Our boring mill – with 7,500 lbs. bed capacity – provides us with the means to machine large frames, discs, housings and more, as well as performing in-house line boring.  Our conventional engine lathes and manual mills allow for custom machining and repair work.  Our in-house capabilities are further extended by equipment such as drill presses, a keyway cutter, a dedicated threader and a parts marker, allowing for efficient value-added services.  For outside processes such as heat treating, gear cutting, non-destructive testing, anodizing and plating, we retain the services of reputable vendors to ensure each job is completed to our expectations and requirements.


Primary Processes

Line Boring
Part Marking
Milling Equipment

Milling Equipment:

  • Four medium-sized CNC vertical machining centers, with varying working surface dimensions and average bed capacity of 1,760 lbs.
  • One large boring mill with a 7,500 lb. bed capacity
  • Variety of manual mills for custom work
Turning Equipment

Turning Equipment:

  • Four CNC lathes; some equipped with live tooling
    • Smallest of which can swing up to 11.4” diameter, with spindle bore of 3” and 19.7” between centers
    • Largest of which can swing up to 32" diameter, with spindle bore of 9", distance of 125" between centers, and 6,600 lb. maximum workpiece weight. 
  • Conventional Engine Lathes:
    • One capable of swinging 48” diameter, with 210” between centers
    • One capable of swinging 20” diameter, with 240” distance between centers
    • Variety of smaller lathes


  • Vertical keyway cutter
  • Drill presses; radial arm, large and small
  • Dedicated threader
  • Programable parts marker