At J&J Machine Works we manufacture our own small pneumatic drill jumbo known throughout the global mining industry as the Long Tom.

Typically used in narrow-vein mining, the Long Tom is an alternative to traditional jackleg drilling, which is a physically demanding activity for miners.

Long Tom

The Long Tom skid-steer carrier is a fully-mobile, self-propelled wheeled carrier which offers the operator the unique ability to position drills easily and accurately due to the swiveling, height-adjustable, extendable/retractable booms.

Our carrier provides standard face coverage of 8′ wide by 11′ high, and options to extend further are available. While the carrier is best suited for narrow-vein mining operations, it is large enough to support most underground mining applications. Our Long Tom features strong, independent pneumatic 6.5 hp (4.85kw) geared motors which drive four solid rubber tires. Braking is provided by pneumatic back-pressure in the motors when the tramming valves are placed in the neutral position.


Known for its overall ruggedness and dependability, our Long Tom features a unique modular design.

This design allows for disassembly and transfer through small openings in captive areas.  Spare parts are readily available from stock, helping customers to minimize downtime – and maximize production.

The Long Tom is available in a variety of configurations:

  • The standard Skid-Steer design features a self-propelled pneumatic drive system with a platform for the operator to stand on during tramming operations.
  • A rail version is also available for track gauges 24”-36” GA.
  • Most Long Tom models come standard with two booms, but can be customized to support a single boom or even a third boom at the time of order. Booms are fully detachable.
  • Standard jackleg type rock drills such as AL67, S250 and S83F models can all be used by changing drill adapters.  Each is ideally suited to differing ground conditions; recommended usage is as follows:
    • HAL67 –  Bore 3.25” / 82.5mm  – Stroke  2.5” / 63.5mm – use in medium hardness to hard ground
    • S250 – Bore 3.125” / 79.4mm – Stroke 2.625” / 67.7mm – use in medium hardness ground
    • S83F – Bore 3.00” / 76.0mm   – Stroke 2.625” / 67.7mm – use in soft to medium hardness ground